Is the ‘Global Warming Scam’ running out of fuel?

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Not another Ice Age?

Global warming has been used by socialist world wide to try and circumvent and even end the free markets and capitalism.  They have perverted science to author a message that blames the worlds troubles on man made pollution.  This is in an effort to create a need for some farce of a community based utopian lifestyle that uses little or now carbon based energy.  A utopia where despots and academia driven by the wishes of the elite claim they know whats best for ‘Mother Earth’ and mankind as a collective.

The individual ceases to exist in this world.  It is effectively a full blown Communist or Fascist World government,   a New World Order.   Obamanism if you will.  No human rights will exists for the individual. The only rights would be about the collective and would lead to the mass murder of those that could not be ‘re-educated’ and the killing of millions more through starvation by elimination the food supplies with flood, famine, fires and war.  Sounds like today’s headlines, doesn’t it?

Socialist have tried many times to take over the world and each time it ends in massive loss of life for those that resisted these tyrants as well as most those that actually supported the transformation of nations into this perverse utopia of wealth redistribution by government through the theft of private property.

Well things are changing in our solar system.  Mankind is seeing this phenomena for the first time in its history.   This is an event that has not happened in 36,000 years.  The earth is undergoing major changes it is passing ‘the solar systems equatorial plain’ as I like to call it.  The greatest concentration of the ‘Milky Way’s’ gravitational field may be here.

The solar system’s equatorial plain is essentially the middle of the system if you where to look at from the side.  A rotated view of the Milky Way where its star population density from one side to the other is at its greatest number.  This point would also reflect the area that exerts the greatest amount of combined planet and star gravity.  A great alignment!   We are predicted to be in the middle of this transition in the time frame of our earths 2012 Winter solstice.  It is a fact that we will be dead smack in the middle of the solar systems equatorial plain at that time.

The Myains new this event was coming when they produced the calender that marks Dec 21st  2012 as the last day of earths existence.  Either way you want to go this is coming to pass and mankind has never lived during these events before, ever.  What we face is truly unknown.  But what we know is that this is going to be exciting, one way or another.

Yes we in fact are living in scary times.  We are also living in times that appear to be showing signs of a burn-outof hte fuel for the Greenies and the Anamorphic Global Warming movement.  Terrorist like Al Gore and his clan of extortionist like Van Jones and Joel Rogers, architects and co-founders of  the Green Wealth Redistribution Scam are going to have to change energy sources.  So what may be next for these socialist is any ones guess.  With the Greenies fool fuel source running out these useful idiots will become desperate and things will probably get even scarier here on earth.

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So now what is an eco-terrorist supposed to use to enslave the world into a socialist utopia? 

Anarchy perhaps?

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