Government Stealth Internet Part 2: Who is creating it, and how dangerous are they?

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On Monday we learned about the Obama Administration’s latest project to create a “stealth” internet via the New York Times. Missing from their piece was the  previous government created stealth internet and the horrible repercussions. Also missing was who exactly are the people overseeing the creation of the new “internet in a suitcase”.  So who is in charge of creating this new “stealth internet” and just how dangerous are they?

It should come as no surprise, given the Times reputation for bias, that this project is being overseen by the same progressives who previously supported and guided these revolutions from inside the State Department. In the Times article it is mentioned in passing that the New America Foundation will be central to the creation of this new tool.

The Washington Post reports that Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter has returned to the New America Foundation. Slaughter spent the past two years as the Director of Policy Planning at the State Department. During her time at the State Department she was fairly busy. Recently revealed was an odd video message she recorded for a youth group meeting at the US Embassy in New Zealand. The motivational talk given by Slaughter,  speaks of the redemptive qualities of Mohammed Atta and the similar community organizing skills that he and the youth groups posses. Given just weeks before the Egyptian uprising we also learned later that the State Department was not just aware of the coming uprising but they helped facilitate it.

The uprising was planned at the State Department sponsored Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) in December 2008. Shortly after, with the revolution planned, Slaughter was pretty busy. The effort to push a global revolution using social media was in full swing. In January 2010 a conference entitled “Connection Technologies and Diplomacy” was held by the State Department (with Slaughter). Some notable people on the panel were from AYM and the Open Society Institute (Soros). The power of social media has the ability to move the world towards the globalist view by leaps and bounds. If it didn’t then not a single conference would exist on the topic.

To date these centralized, top-down, pro-democracy efforts seemed to have backfired. In Egypt Christian churches are now being burned and The Muslim Brotherhood, if elected to office, have promised to end the peace treaty with Israel. The same push to go big with social media styled community organizing was attempted by the same group in Iraq. It backfired and radicals seized upon the opportunity to throw the country into chaos; just like Egypt. And also just like as in Egypt the marching orders from the radicals were to “sweep the occupation into the dustbin of history”; in other words our troops.

So Dr. Slaughter aided, supported, and partially guided global revolutions from a position of power at the State Department. Now she has left, at the perfect time,and is back with the organization that will be responsible for creating the center-piece of global revolution; A new “stealth internet”. Refer back to the beginning of the story and the link to the Times piece shows that their last venture along these lines was a miserable failure. Their TOR technology misled activists who believed it was anonymous. By using it they organized a revolution that toppled an ally. It also allowed oppressive regimes to find, arrest, torture, and even murder these activists. And now they are going to attempt it all over again. Welcome to the left.

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