Judge Naplitano: Obama and his illegal War in Libya

Posted on June 16, 2011 by


The Judge tells it like it is.

Judge Andrew Napalitano discusses Obama’s blatant disregard for the rule of law in his pursuit of a Colonial Democracy over Qaddafi’s Dictatorial Power in Libya . The Judge reminds everyone that the War Powers act that Obama is in violation of was put into place after and in part because of a False Flag operation. It was the Gulf of Tonkin incident where it was claimed that the North Vietnamese attacked our Navy ships in an act of war on the United States. This was an out right lie. It was used to start America’s involvement in the Vietnam war and it was later admitted that this “Tonkin” incident, well it never happened.

The US Government LIED to the people in order to pursue an illegal war. Well now Obama has done the same. Bush lied to so don’t go getting all sanctimonious on me about favoring Bush. He was a progressive NeoCon War Monger much the same as Obama is, almost. Does the Patriot Act sound like a law a PATRIOT would sign? Nope. so there blow off!

However he has gone to war without showing what national interest was in grave danger.Nor asking the only power in America that has the right to start or enter into a war, Congress if it was even ok to go to war. Instead he usurped the Constitution and the War Powers act. He used instead the Responsibility to Protect act to enter with France as a member of this United Nation sanctioned act of WAR. A WAR he likes to call a “Kinetic Action” to avoid legal restraint or liability.


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