Sarah Palin Predicts Earthquake, Alaska Rumbles with a 5.2 and Anthony Weiner Steps Down

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Palin predicts political earthquake. 

In an interview done before the elections of 2010 Sarah Palin predicted and got correct the facts about a political earthquake taking TeaParty candidates into the realm of Washington DC to attempt to put some reigns on the despot overlord Obama.

Well the TeaParty got into office as predicted however Obama has continued to thumb his nose at the wishes of the people and the law of the land.  They have brought our grievances to his doorstep via mandate of the results of the 2010 elections.  A mandate to stop spending and move towards a balanced budget and smaller government.

Today the earth backed up Sarah Palin’s claims with a bit of its own approval of things and rumbled a 5.2 magnitude in applause of rumors that representative Anthony Weiner was prepared to step down from office.  Weiner is the Democrats darling, a ‘Tweeter Pervert’ responsible for a national mass distraction called WeinerGate. Mother Earth got her way 3 and half hours later as Weiner walked.  New York Progressive  Democrat Representative Anthony Weiner resigned.

Looks like she meant business!

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Tweaking the left

Sarah Palin source video, for context buffs

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