Georgia’s HB87 – The other side of the Illegal Immigration debate that has not been heard.

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Who do they sue?

Mexico, Obama, Holder, Who?

This Atlanta Georgia family lost their son to a hit and run ILLEGAL ALIEN driver 11 years ago and has yet to get justice. Who do they sue? Can they sue Mexico? No but the United States Justice Department, under the direction of Obama is suing the States that want to stand up against these types of injustices and allow this rampant type of murder to continue to take place in America.

This administration more than any other in the history of the united states has done everything it can to destroy what made America great. Myself, along with every other loyal red-blooded freedom loving American cannot wait for his term to come to an abrupt end in 2012. Most of us look forward to his imprisonment over Treason and other charges of War against the States and international subversion.

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