US stokes the flames of 9/11 anger now they are blaming IRAN

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“What we need as another 9/11”

Why arrange for a new 9/11 attack on America to stoke the flames of retribution and war when you can replay the original with similar results.   It looks as if the “Military Industrial Complex” is getting scared that the government tit will dry up now that Osama is said to be dead and the Americans resilience with a ten year old war is faltering.  More and more calls to bring our troops home are being heard from the right side of the isle.  This is a typical left side stance but they seem to be remarkably quiet with a Marxist espousing views similar to those that they posses in charge at the White House.

But Americans cannot allow Obama to peruse a war with Iran just over the nuclear threat they pose.  They will require much more.  Perhaps a motive born in revenge.   If they plan to muster enough support it will take a lot of motivation.  A motive that must be rekindled with more rhetoric and lies that are 10 years old and now at best questionable on the face of an ever emerging truth.  Even a majority of  the 9/11 commissioners question the official 9/11 report now.  So how can we depend on any of these reports surfacing about IRAN?  All I can see is a bunch of False Flags waiving in the air.  How many more freedoms will be usurped so Big Brother can claim he is protecting you?   How long are you going to continue to swallow this bitter pill America?  Did you not have enough liberties removed by the Patriot Act to suit your need for protection by a government that is to big to actually protect you?

Please understand I do not dismiss the danger of IRAN, or the need for them to be blasted back into the stone age, ‘peacefully’.   I just want Americas motives to be honest and clear.  We have been lied to for years, over and over,  one administration after another.  Once you read the article I have screen capped below and watchedc the video, YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO ALSO, ask yourself.  Is it all real?  Then investigate for yourself.  But no longer take the word of government as gospel truth.  The real truth is out there.

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Then take the time to watch this video, PLEASE.

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