Extremely graphic footage: Kinetic Libyan children killed by Kinetic NATO bombs

Posted on June 22, 2011 by


These are not real people.

They are ‘Kinetic Casualties’

Just a day after admitting killing 9 civilians in a bungled airstrike, NATO has been accused by the Libyan authorities of causing at least another 15 deaths. The Alliance confirmed it had carried out another bombing, but has not responded to the allegations of civilian casualties. RT crew in Tripoli has shot some shocking footage of bodies mutilated in NATO bombings.

Keep in mind the ORIGINAL source of this video is from RUSSIA TODAY.  We know how they feel about America so this is welcome propaganda for them but its a painful truth for American Citizens that actually respect our Constitution, and not Kinetically!  Now that being said I still think Obama’s Kinetic war created these dead kinetic Libyan children, Not Muammar al-Gaddafi or his kinetic troops loyal to him.  Obama is a NeoCon Tyrant and is going to destroy EVERYTHING he touches that MAY at ANYTIME have had a morsel of kinetic goodness to it.

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