FaceBook Page; Burn the UN flag for Independence day!

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The Flag of the United Nations

Light one up for Freedom on July the 4th!

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Please show your patriotism to America.  Burn a UN Flag on July the 4th.  If you have a phone with a video camera be sure to tape the event and upload or share your video on this Facebook event page, also be sure to share your love of country on Youtube and popmodal.com as well.  If you have a Twitter account be sure to chirp your exploits to @TweetCongress @SpeakerBoehner.  Let them know you are tired of the UN running roughshod over our Constitution and the time has come to end that reign of terror.

You may simply print a photo of a UN flag if you want to for the sake of burning it.  Not everyone can afford to buy a flag for the sake of burning it at a protest.  But everyone can at least print one and burn that.  Do not respect an organization that wants to destroy your right to object to it or anything they stand for.

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