Georgia’s HB87 offers proof of Illegal Immigrant Self Deportation at work

Posted on June 24, 2011 by


Pack um up  and  Move um Out!

Katie Brace of CBS Atlanta did a great piece on the HB 87 impact on the illegal immigrant population in Georgia.  She did interviews with a few leaving and a bus driver offering them a ride out-of-town for a $150.00 each to Texas or Mexico.  The driver claims that he used to take illegals home and often he would see the same ones traveling back to Mexico.  He says now though they will not return.  They will go to Mexico and stay.

It looks like the right kind of immigration laws enforced in America would take care of the deportation problem everyone claims would be the big expense and nightmare.  I assert that these folks will take care of broken families as well as they can.  They deserve no particular attention because they split up their own families knowingly breaking a soverign countries laws for their own benefit.

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