Black youth in Peoria; “We need to kill all the white people.”

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2nd amendment anyone?

We do have the right to protect ourselves

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So something needs to be done and quickly the community exclaims.  What ever happened to the right to defend your self from a menacing crowd.  If we Americans keep reaching out to government to fix these problems they will not get fixed you will just lose more civil rights.  This is all contrived bottom up rioting that leads to top down suppression.  It is the first step onto the unpaved road to complete socialism.  Welcome to the Nanny state of total oppression,  Brought to you by GOVERNMENT.

So before you call for help from your local or GOD FORBID, federal government it would be best if you look to yourself and your neighbors for the answers to this  kind of problem.  It is only going to get worse America if you look outward for the answer.   The answer is not top down control from government.  That is actually what created this monster.

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