Youtube removes my video showing abuse of power by Atlanta police

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What in this video is objectionable?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video censored on Youtube: Union Thug Protected by Atlanta Police [HQ]

Original title as it was uploaded on Youtube in Feb 2011:
“Police protect Union Thug at Atlanta Union led Anti-government Protest rally 2-26-2011”

Here is the original link to the youtube video:
This is the Web page about the video and the rally that took place that day:

The following Content was the included text I uploaded with original Youtube posted video.

This is the officer that allowed this Union thug to go free in Atlanta Georgia yesterday.  The Union’s paid thugs were out in the hundreds, if you ask ABC or MsNBC news the crowd size may possibly even been in the tens of thousands.
One Union Thug ran through our crowd of about 25 Teaparty patriots and sacked one gentlemen almost knocking him to the ground. We perused the Union Thug and yelled for help from the police The police assisted, they assisted the Union thug with a clean get away. Seems they did not see anything happen and the word of a Teaparty member is insufficient to detain or arrest a Union Thug for assault.
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