Deputy US AG David Ogden says that Obama ordered Project Gunrunner

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg and Deputy Attorney General David Ogden held a news conference to announce the U.S.-Mexico Border Security Policy.

They spoke to reporters and answered questions about plans to send about 500 more agents and equipment to the nation’s southwestern border and Mexico to fight Mexican drug cartels and keep violence from spilling over into the United States. Secretary Napolitano said officials were still considering whether to deploy the National Guard to the Arizona and Texas borders with Mexico, which the governors had requested. She also acknowledged that greater efforts were needed within the U.S. to combat the drug trade.
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How much longer will Americans be willing to just roll over and let these corrupt politicians play Russian Roulette with your freedoms and liberties guaranteed buy the US Constitution?  My guess is not much longer.  If things fall as they should in a country that prizes it self on justice we should soon see indictments come forth that name Holder, Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton and even Barry Obama as defendants in the cover-up of the failed False Flag attempt to destroy our 2nd amendment rights by using “Operation Fast and Furious” as a method to usurp the Constitution.

In the video shown above Deputy AG David Ogden makes explicit reference to Project GunRunner and the $10 million of Obama’s stimulus money allocated to bring this into fruition.  Keep in mind that the Stimulus was written by Obama Cronies at the Apollo Alliance, Van Jones,  Joel Rogers and Jeff Jones back in 2008 before Obama’s inauguration even took place.  If they did not have plans for this ‘False Flag’ attack on the 2nd amendment via a proxy war with Mexico before the election then how did a name specific funding find its way into the stimulus bill?  The bill no body read.

March 2009 hearing refers to Project GunRunner on page 36

Mr. ENGEL. Thank you. Mr. Johnson?
Mr. JOHNSON. Just to add a couple of points, there are ongoing
operations by our law enforcement agencies—the DHS, ICE, Operation
Armas Cruzadas, going on for 6 months now—which have already
resulted in 104 criminal arrests, the seizure of 420 weapons,
and more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition, and that is one of
the cooperative programs. ATF, of course, has Project Gunrunner.

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