Finally, Fast and Furious Is On the Clock (via The Western Experience)

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You mean Biden gets the White House?

The more the Teaparty conservatives show the true outrage at this deliberate and most underhanded stab at the heart of Americas 2nd Amendment by the Marxist regime of Obama the sooner we may be in for the real ride of our lives. Think about this…..

Allen West (politician)

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And leave it to none other than Florida Congressman, Allen West. The media has so far dodged this story like they have dodged other things negative or scandalous associated with President Obama. I mean, we do have an election coming up. So we can expect for our media members to make use of the blinders again. But who needs them? Allen West is handling it in-house. Appearing on Nashville radio host Steve Gill’s show last week, West said Obama would … Read More

via The Western Experience

What happens when Joe Biden takes the reigns?

This is going to be a train wreck of epic proportions. It will indeed make the break-in at the Watergate Hotel look like a Disney Theme Park log flume ride with Mario and Luigi the plumber brothers.  I think the psychedelic mushrooms the MsLSD and the never ending bong hits from the sixties are starting to show there pinko tinged personalities in Washington DC.  What do that call it,… that term when addicts relive a drug induced, comatose, brain dead state of mind?  Oh yeah, a Flashback.

I think DC is having a huge flashback right now.  And they have overdosed on spending, control of the American population and basic dictatorial powers mandated through regulations brought on by false flag operations like Fast and Furious designed specifically to remove civil rights from the population.

But that would be the only way a bozo like Biden could have control of the American populous, a shared psychedelic flashback, mass hysteria perhaps.  But for this is for sure, mass destruction of America would continue to consume the civil rights of the citizens until the Teaparty can show the rest of America the value of our original Constitution.  A document that the progressives have tried so fervently to erase from history.

I will call ‘Fast and Furious‘ what it is, Treason.

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