WH bin Laden photo timeline shows severe gaps; extracted file data reveals

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A detailed analysis of the White House photos from the Osama bin Laden mission show severe discrepancies in the timeline of events. A detailed review of the EXIF data, which can implement data from shutter speed to geo-location, has been thoroughly examined by Cryptome.org. From their analysis of the White House official Flickr:

Based on the time of these photos taken from their EXIF data, the White House was discussing the raid by 2:24PM May 1, (kill + 3:24 hours) viewed a recording of the raid at 4:05PM (kill +5:05 hours)  and had follow-up discussions four hours later at 8:03PM and 8:44PM (kill + 9:03-9:44 hours).

Then Obama, bathed and dressed, made alert calls at 10:11PM (kill + 11:11 hours)  and worked on his announcement at 10:43PM (kill + 11:43 hours).

The national security team, apparently not bathed and still wearing the day’s dress, awaited the announcement at 11:41PM (kill + 12:41 hours).

Obama made his accouncement at 11:42PM (kill +12:42 hours) and was congratulated by his team at 11:45PM (kill + 12:45 hours).

The exif data is showing that the events pictured in the photos actually happened anywhere from +3.5 hours kill time to nearly +13 hours kill time. Just days after the bin Laden compound raid it was revealed that the White House had staged the photos from the President’s original announcement. This is done so that the shutter clicking sound is not picked up on the video address.

In other words the President does the video release and then “redelivers” the address for still shots. While this is common practice it still drove the conspiracy theorists nuts. Now they have more ammunition. After all, even if certain events played out at different times why was it reported inaccurately by the White House?

More than likely the White House probably wanted to maintain to the public the sense of urgency in the bin Laden mission. But structuring the timeline in such fashion is odd. Even early on we had learned the Obama had taken 16 hours to decide to move forward with the mission. Add the newly revealed inaccurate photo timeline to the mysterious delayed decision to execute the bin Laden raid, and one cant help feeling that the entire mission was not as high a priority for the White House as it was for every citizen. Either that or the attention to detail in staging the events carried the same importance as the mission. Both scenarios are rather cheap and mildly disturbing if evenly slightly true.

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