Senators Kerry and Luger were told that ‘Gunwalking’ was part of Operation Fast and Furious in March 2009

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The following is an excerpt of Statements given under oath by Joseph M. Arabit, Special Agent in charge of  the ElPaso DEA and Deputy Assistant Director of the BATF, William, (Bill) McMahon.  The full transcript pdf can be found here.

In the testimony on the end of page 4 it is stated, “Too many guns and too much cash are moving south across the border into Mexico, where they fuel the cycle of violence. As a result, the Attorney General is working to allocate additional resources to address this threat.”  The implication is that the Attorney General, Eric Holder would be aware of, at least by the time of this testimony, the existence of operation Gunrunner.  Particularly when it is based off of the success of Project Reckoning and Operation Xcellerator, both cited in detail in the testimony heard by Senators Luger and Kerry.

Furthermore in the testimony on page 11, operation Gunrunner is mentioned specifically and on page 12 it mentions the fact the $15 million in funding was recently allocated to the congress.  This is not part of the additional $10 million that was allocated in the Stimulus package[p16] to a program directed specifically for Operation Gunrunner.   The testimony goes on to describe how this funding would allow the ATF and DEA to open 5 new field offices staffed with 100 special agents on the Southwest Border to facilitate this operation.  The two agents giving testimony go on to explain how Operation Gunrunner works and specifically speak of guns being allowed to walk over the border in order to further trace them directly into the hands of the cartels.

“The tracing of firearms seized in Mexico and the United States is an essential component of the strategy to curtail firearms trafficking along the Southwest border. When a firearm is traced, specific identifying information – including the make, model, and serial number – is entered in the ATF Firearms Tracing System (e-Trace), which is the only federal firearms tracing system. Using this information, ATF can establish the identity of the first retail purchaser of the firearm and then investigate how the gun came to be used in a crime or how it came to be located in Mexico. Furthermore, analyses of aggregate trace data can reveal trafficking trends and networks, showing where the guns are being purchased, who is purchasing them, and how they flow across the border. Without tracing data, federal officials would be forced to rely solely on interdiction efforts to gain investigative leads, an often ineffective use of federal resources.” [p13]

But the last bit of the statement frames the whole operation.  It seems to have been changed from an operation of trace and interdiction to a full born export of military grade weapons to the cartels by the ATF in order to build a list of weapons manufactured in the United States that somehow managed to find their way across the border?  “Without tracing data, federal officials would be forced to rely solely on interdiction efforts..” and that does not help the Obama administration usurp gun laws in a single 4 year term.  Instead they would rather knowingly arm the drug cartels buy allowing, while even watching on streaming live video,  straw buyers purchase these high powered assault rifles and handguns and walk them across the border to Mexico.  This is more a  facilitation of a crime than the tracing of weapons.  It is the facilitation of this particular crime that resulted in the death of a Border Patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican LEA as well as many as 40,000 innocent civilians caught in the ‘Drug War’ crossfire in Mexico.  The ‘War on Drugs’……. Genocide comes to mind.

It is suspected by many that this could be considered a proxy war on the second amendment, Federal Gun Laws and Citizen rights to buy and even own firearms in the United StatesIt could also be considered a proxy war on Mexico by arming the cartels.  It has also been stated by multiple sources that many of the cartel members were actually paid informents for other US agencies.

From The Times report:

Sources said investigators had “very real indications from several sources” that some of the cartel leaders the ATF was trying to identify through Fast and Furious werealready known” to the other agencies and apparently had “been paid as informants.” Source :

 The actions of Operation Gunrunner exercised by the ATF was either at the direction of the White House or by a rouge United States AG.  Knowledge of this ‘gunwalking’ was known well beyond the offices of the ATF.  When operation Gunrunner is finally seen that way then everyone involved should be considered for crimes against the sovereign country of  Mexico for prosecution and imprisonment.  But only after they have been convicted of the murder of the two border agents and given the highest allowable sentence.  Deportation to Mexico.

The ATF under the direction of Eric Holder and the Obama administration and without regard for human life not only allowed these guns to be walked across the Southern border into the hands of drug cartels the DOJ and ATF attempted to cover up the operation after the death of the border agent.  This in its self is an admission or acknowledgement of wrong doing.

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