We Did It! Mainstream Coverage of Bilderberg 2011 (via News Worldwide)

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Next, The ‘BOHEMIAN GROVE’! America and well the rest of the world needs to know about what actually goes on behind these closed doors.
Did you know that Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich both were at BOHEMIAN GROVE in 2004 where it was understood at that time that RICK PERRY WOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012.
Don’t believe me? Go check out this video.

See I told you. The Bilderberg meeting decided in 2008 if it would be Hillary or Obama that got the democrat nomination.
So just wait until someone digs out all the pornographic dirt on the BOHEMIAN GROVE. Heads will roll and blood will curdle.

We Did It! Mainstream Coverage of Bilderberg 2011 As a result of The Resistance flooding the newsrooms of CNN, Fox News Channel, and other mainstream media outlets with phone calls demanding they cover the Bilderberg meeting this year, they had no choice but to lift the decades long blackout policy and publish reports on the group. Check out The Illuminati: Facts … Read More

via News Worldwide