Worry? – Moody’s: “There is no immediate downgrade if debt deal misses deadline”

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What? No more Scare tactics?

What? All of a sudden, out of the blue now, even Moodys recognizes that Obama and Tax-Cheat Timmy can squeeze many more days if not months out of the current federal revenue already being generated each month.  No need to postulate and tell more lies to the elderly about not getting SSI payments.  Another point that  NO ONE is talking about is a lot of the money in these budgets is money allocated for programs that have not even started yet in ObamaCare or the money has simply not yet been provisioned.  Well they can get over it, they are not hostages, nor will they die!

How about we REPEAL ObamaCare as part of the debt deal.  Removing that progressive Cancer on the Heart of America alone could account for half the debt!

I am so sorry that Jerry the NEA indentured $lave-Artist cannot have his $350,000.00  “Art Grant” to pay for his Bedroom/Studio  so he has a wall to hang his urine soaked picture of Michelle Obama on.   That is how the leftist praise those they admire right?  A Bucket-o-piss, a frosty mug and Cheers right?  Oh sorry I digress.

America has a debt to pay.  And I’m tired of the increased looting of my earnings  I have my own mortgage  and a child to put through ‘Home-College’.

You don’t think I would let them attend a Liberal University do you?  They replace the spines of the freshmen with jello.  It is done  in the dorms while they are sleeping  you know.  Very sad state of affairs indeed.

Moody’s today indicated it would not immediately downgrade the United States’ triple-A credit rating if a debt-ceiling deal is not reached by Tuesday, saying it expects the government to continue to meet its Treasuries obligations “for a number of days,” Reuters reports.

But, in a report, Moody’s said it expects to affirm the top rating with a negative outlook, meaning a downgrade could come in the ill-defined “middle term.” It said neither plan from the Republicans and Democrats would preserve the Aaa rating.

“If the debt limit is not raised before Aug. 2, we believe that the Treasury would give priority to debt service payments and could thus postpone a potential debt default for a number of days,” the Moody’s report said.   Keep Reading

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