You can run but you can’t hide! Google buys Facial Biometrics company

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“Wheres Waldo?” Right there!

Just think about it.  Google, who is already under fire for ‘Secret’ Relationship with the NSA, DoD and other nefarious government Agencies, will be able to deploy its new facial recognition software across untold gigs of videos.  They will truly be “The Big Brother of the Internet” with everything from the ability to locate fugitives in uploaded videos and perhaps even start collecting rewards on the ones that got their mugs caught in a youtube video with “drunkle Bill” at Christmas.

Or better yet one of you, yes you from years ago, you showed up in the background of photo at a sleazy nightclub and a patrons photo of a half dressed girl on the table next to yours dancing her ‘T-Barred Touche” off, then it tags you on your Google+ account and post it on all your wall and your  friends walls.

Oh yes! Let the 1984 games begin because the innocent game of “Wheres Waldo?” just got reconciled to the dust bin with liberty and privacy .

Not to be outdone by FaceBook, Google is taking steps towards implementing facial biometrics, with its latest move being the acquisition Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (PittPatt). PittPatt provides technology can search images for faces, determine if faces are the same person and track faces in video sequences. Recently it released software that improved performance by expanding the range of yaw angles for which recognition is possible.

Only in the last few months Google appeared to be veering away from implementing facial biometrics on the grounds of privacy concerns. But this latest acquisition shows that Google is hedging its bets, and considers the technology (alongside other computer vision applications) worth investing in.
PittPatt began its life at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in the 1990s and continued with the launching of Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (PittPatt) in 2004.

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