COURT RULES; Satellite TV is a basic human right.

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Thank God for your Dish TV!

it’s a human right you know?

Banning satellite dishes on listed buildings and private homes could be a breach of human rights, an equality watchdog was warned.
Thousands of historic buildings and rental properties have made desperate attempts to prevent the dishes being installed on their brick work.
But a European court’s ruling suggests that banning the dishes will infringe the right to freedom of information, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said.

The quango issued guidance which details a recent case at the European Court of Human Rights that could become a landmark case in satellite dish battles.
Two tenants in Sweeden took their government to court after they were evicted by their landlord in a dispute over a dish.
The couple installed one of the dishes on their rented property but the landlord ordered them to take it down. They refused and were later thrown out of the property.  Keep Reading

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