Weapons of Mass Distraction; Playing the Debt Downgrade Blame Game.

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It’s not my fault, look a bird!

Mass Distractions; #ObamaBirthdayGames was a huge hit on twitter as the presidents 50th undocumented birthday rolled around. The presidents lavish $38,500.00 per plate birthday-political fundraiser was nothing more than another distraction away from what really matters.  Have you forgotten about the legality of  our involvement in Libya, the ‘kinetic actionObama promised us was not a war and would only last a few days at the most? The other item they are distracting Americans attention away from is operation Fast and Furious and the cocaine smuggling that is being allowed by the FBI.

It is time to wake up and smell the stench of overt tyranny that is seeping in around you.  It is the distinct odor of freedom in decomp.  ‘Obama de’ Toilet‘ [sniff sniff] .  Not a very pleasant thought.  It is time for real accountability from our elected representatives from every one in DC.  From the President all the way to the representatives interned gophers.   Step back and look at the big picture and you will start to shiver with what you see.  This is not a game to be trifled with.  It quite literally is the fulcrum on which our children’s future  is being balanced on.  What are you going to do to tip things into their favor?

We need to flood the congressional switchboards EVER day with cries for impeachment of Obama and Eric Holder.  You can call your representatives local offices during the not so well deserved days off.  You have to help America draw the line that no Marxist will dare to cross.

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