ALERT…US Communist Party Call To Arms (Day Of Rage) on Wall Street Sept 17th

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As if the Standard and Poors downgrade is not enough for Obama and his crash the country leftist cronies.

REVOLUTION 2.0 is screaming up in your rear view mirror! Sept 17 is only a few weeks away. Who is ready? Got Food? Got Ammo? Got secondary power sources?

You better get ready because these bastards that claim to love America like Moochelle Obama and her Usurper husband. If America is SO GREAT why fundamentally transform her?

Here is a plan. Obama please FUNDAMENTALLY transform Moochelle since you love her so much.

ALERT...US Communist Party Calls To Arms (Day Of Rage) on Wall Street Sept 17th The following information should start “Welcome, comrades!”. The article from US Day of Rage is a call to arms by the left “in order to prosper”. The battle lines are being drawn. I want to call your attention to the last line of the page: Follow us on twitter @USDayofRage – #USDOR #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON This is what Democracy looks like. David DeGerolamo NC Renegade US Day of Rage Welcome, friends! As you browse our page and e … Read More

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