Top Intel Officer Pinched for Heroin After Attending Intel Conference

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Right after attending the 2008 DNI Open Sources Conference a top Intelligence Analyst from HIDTA, a federal drug task force program, was arrested for possession of heroin. The DNI Open Sources Conference draws security specialists that range from the United States Army to Wal-Mart and McDonalds; and everyone in between. The conference took place between September 11-12 2008. The full attendee list appears below.

According to Page 4 of the document John Bachta “Intelligence Analyst” from New England HIDTA was in attendance. While HIDTA is a federal program drug enforcement program it draws on local law enforcement to head up its regional division relying almost entirely on local officers. In attendance according to the confidential participant list:

John Bachta

New England HIDTA

(978) 265-7209

The 978 area code is reserved for Mass, And on September 30, 2008 15 year veteran John Bachta was arrested for heroin possession and placed on unpaid administrative leave.Since there is no record of sentencing two possibilities arise. First, a form of probation that may have sealed his record upon completion without violation or the second, that Bachta took an early retirement. More importantly how did the local news not pick up on Bachta’s arrest for heroin while heading up a federal anti-narcotic task force?

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