Tolerance in America; So who gets to decide what is tolerant?

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The left: ‘Rules Do Not Apply to Us’

How is it that they do not have to play by the same rules they make up.  As they call for the right to stop its “violent rhetoric?” they “TARGET” the ones they despise and attempt to destroy them in both the working world as well as with in their families.  So who has been tolerant of who so far?

Who decides what is intolerant? Who gets to decide what is “Fair Minded”, The Tides perhaps? could it be that the part of our country that is now ‘Left of Europe’ is no longer Fair Minded? Really? Embrace Duologue? Really? Glenn Beck has invited George Soros to appear on his show to explain all this away. But Soros and the Tides have Embraced Silence and have yet to reply.

Click here for more proof of intolerance from the left.

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