#USDayofRage Trending on @Twitter after London Burns #TwitterRiots

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The US Day of Rage.

The overthrow of America from within

So if your not happy with what democracy looks like after recall elections do not go your way just riot in the streets!  Why not, it seems to be working out really well in in the rest of  the world.  And look at the wonderful way the Arab spring has left Egypt in favor of America.  You will have to use Google translate to read this page as this particular story for some reason it is NOT published in the English edition of The White House’s favorite news source aljazeera.net. Go Figure, never saw that coming!

The not so big surprise answer to one question posed by @diggrbiii asking if they intend to riot was a resounding YES!  Let us also notice no objection was offered about the mention of it being only “LEFTIST” involved in the violence.  That’s Holders people right? “Leftist”, or was Holder’s remark about protecting his race?  You know a ‘racist’ remark.  Opps,  I almost forgot,  only whites have the Racism Gene.  Well since it was not about race it must have been about protecting leftist.  They are his people too.

And never let a good riot go to waste, particularly when you can score free stuff man!  Hey somebody out there I am sure owes this guy, right, I mean it is the American way!  I earn it you take it away!  They just do!  It’s the democrat way!  Screw private property rights and general self respect and self sufficiency.  Those are antiquated Constitutional views.  Today its all about ” make someone else earn it for you” and ” its not my fault”!This next tweet appears to question why not step up tension a notch, perhaps violence or even death.  I can only assume his Syria reference would infer an extremely violent confrontation by exerted in promotion of the mission of “The US Day of Rage”.  I mean the radical Saul Alinsky would have it no other way.

and of course no “US Day of Rage” would be complete with out the  dissidents in Egypt jeering on for riots in the US.  Hey but its ok, our State Department has fomented this rage in the Middle East.  We already know the US State Department has experience at this sort of thing.  Hey, they even got some practice with it in Mexico City a few years ago teaching the proper use of social media in uprisings.  Even Obama has mentioned these revolutions are a good thing.

And of course no communist based protest would be complete with out a mention of Glenn Beck.  Only this time they thank Glenn for the advertisement of their cause and even invite him to join along.   Not to overlook that Glenn has pointed out on his much missed FOX show how the banksters have Bawney Fwanked America right up the Obama with no lube!  However Beck never advocated the type of protest that is being advocated in this uprising by what he pointed out have been called in history the “Useful Idiots”, I concur Mr. Beck.  The websites advocate peace but I am not sure such a protest has been lead by the left since time of the passing of Martin Luther King Jr.   And keep in mind, he was a republican at the time.

State Department teaches youth how to organize

using Social Media for Revolutionary Change.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So with that last little bit of education for uprising from Hillary Clinton you have to wonder if the leftist running this country are not helping organize this day of rage for political gain.  Is the Obama administration looking for a “Rise up from the bottom Top down solution”?

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