UN: National Resources are no longer a Sovereign Property.

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We are sleep walking into a world of UN control, led by our own politicians.

Will America Sign Next?

Source:  SPPI by Dennis Ambler

In June this year, the German government issued the Press Release shown below, relating to the UN Convention on Biodiversity, which is another product of Maurice Strong’s UNEP/Agenda 21 from the 1992 Earth Summit. The Press Release relates to a UN Conference on Bio-Diversity, in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010, which was widely reported in the media, but with minimal detail and little public interest, because all the talk was of the forthcoming UNFCCC COP16 event in Cancun, Mexico.

This is how major advances are made by the UN, in their drive for global governance. Conferences and meetings on all sorts of issues are held almost monthly and each country sends its representatives to agree on measures which the average member of the public will not be aware of until it impacts them directly. Whilst ostensibly to protect the rights of “indigenous peoples”, if new genetic resources, such as medicinal plants were to be discovered in, say, the Amazon, the implications are widespread and effectively it says genetic resources are no longer the property of an individual nation, they are “World Property”, to be administered by the UN. If anyone accessed them without UN sanction, they would be guilty of “Bio-Piracy”. How much closer to global governance can you get than this?

Germany signs UN Protocol against Biopiracy   24.06.2011

“Yesterday in New York, Germany signed the Nagoya Protocol. The Protocol supplements the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). For Germany this is the first important step towards implementing this new instrument of international law.

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