Islamist positioning to increase US Congressional seats in 2012 elections

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Creeping Sharia?
Oh, it is much worse than Kudzu!

First we had Andre Carson in 2007, then Kieth Ellison was elected and is currently serving.  Now we have Saba Ahmed planning on running for Congress in 2012.  My personal issue with this is that Islam is not a religion,  it is a cult as stated in FBI documents about “The nation of Islam”.  Islam contains within its self a complete lifestyle that must be adhered to and it includes Sharia Law.  It has an end game and that is the replacement of the Western way of life.  The end of America.  Be sure to catch the video at the bottom of the page.  And consider this while watching that video,  Congress has a fixed population of 535 members.

Keep in mind you cannot swear an allegiance to Allah and the ‘word’ of the Koran and also swear an oath to uphold and protect the constitution too.  They defy each others existence.  Islamic teachings are anything but Western.  As well, Freedom and Liberty are not concepts accepted by Islam.

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