Jon Stewart: Why is Everyone Still Ignoring Ron Paul?

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Ron Paul, the 13th floor in a hotel?

YourDaddy’s Politics is not yet taking a stance in the Republican race for any candidate yet.  But in the spirit of honest open new reporting that is based on facts I am re-posting this story about Ron Paul’s lack of press coverage by the media and the overt bias against him when they do report on him.  The story explained by comedian John Stewart was first was picked up by the Atlantic Wire.

I think what bothers me most about so many “Hey you cannot do that its unconstitutional” Tea Party Members is that they are not being honest with themselves when they call Ron Paul the crazy uncle of the republican party.  They are falling in the trap of the MSM.  Have they stopped to listen to him before they jump on the “Crazy Uncle” bandwagon?  HAVE YOU?  Look, this is not a rant about Ron Paul it is a full throw down at the people that cried about the media not vetting Barack Obama.  And here John Stewart of COMEDY Centeral is the person that calls this out?

Do not talk to me about our leaders not adhering to the Constitution and then you not putting due pressure on the media to report the facts.  THE MEDIA Report’s WE decide, right? Well the media is not reporting the facts and YOU are walking like sheep right into the slaughterhouse while listening to the Pied Piper from propaganda central.   Just keep this in mind.  The ones that are to be feared the most by the left are the ones that are castigated and dehumanized first and most.  The media on occasion will pick up on this and have mentioned that Sarah Palin is beaten on so much because she is so feared by the left.  Well think about  this, Ron Paul has been beaten on by the media since before Sarah Palin was even a mayor.  So why?  You must ask yourself why?

Remember my issue is about the way the public swallows the given story as if it is fact.  Fact created by the main stream media  and the media not being unbiased about facts is shameful. They should just report ‘Facts not Opinions’, just like John Stewart’s point in this video, it is not about Ron Paul.  Opinions are not news they are opinions, just like this blog.  This is not a news site  but at least you know that going into it.

Erik Hayden Atlantic Wire 8:17 AM ET

In Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll this weekend, Michele Bachmann bested 2nd place Ron Paul by less than 200 votes. And yet, in the immediate spin cycle at least, pundits talked about Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Bachmann. Paul seemed to be, as his supporters always point out, invisible. Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart became the latest to weigh in on the habit of ignoring Paul. After playing a few highlight reels showing anchors going out of their way not to mention the libertarian firebrand, he incredulously asks:  “How did libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?”

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