Tea Baggers, Budgets and Racism; an Experiment in Reality

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The Experiment

The Ingredients :  Go to Wal-Mart, or any store you are not worried about being banned from.  Get loads of stuff, big screen TV, some movies and maybe a new computer and a some blank CDs, even get some fresh seafood and ribs and chicken if you are hungry… mmmmm.  Now  that would be a nice touch.  Perhaps you may even pick up some potted plants from the garden area.

The Execution: Now go and checkout.  Wait until everything has been rung up.  Offer up only $3.00 as payment.  When the clerk ask for the rest of the money explain you overspent and they are a racist Tea bagger for expecting you to budget your money and pay for your own stuff.

Peer Review : Take a friend with you and have them video the experiment and post it to youtube.com

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