ECO Terrorist takes credit for economic downgrade of America

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“By the time I die……”

I think it is very interesting how these progressive Marxist idealist can know history, know that socialism always fails and they think THEY have the correct solution. In their not so sound minds they believe that only the academia they embody is capable of running a true socialistic utopia.   No one else in history of the world figured it out yet.   That is what I call collective stupidity, or perhaps just arrogance on a presidential scale.

They will destroy the economy with there methods.  ”Workers of the world unite”.  ask your self….”For what?”  A bowl of luke warm gruel, a one room shanty that you lease from the union store?  Health care that stops when you reach 55 years old.  TAKE A PILL!  Oh no wait I got it!  It must be for all that shared wealth.  That must be it.

Lets listen to what Carl Pope tells Van Jones about where he thinks the economy will be in several years.  Once Joel Rogers has had a chance to GREEN IT UP.  Carl predicts that near the time he dies, as he eerily drops into deep thought,  that the level of degradation in our economy will lead us to a 3rd world status economically.  He claims that this downgrade of our economy would not be a bad thing.

“…..and GE and Cisco should be relatively happy with that…”

See the uncut Carl Pope Van Jones video in it’s complete 30 min context here.

To destroy the current standard of living in America, to Carl Pope and Van Jones would be a good thing.  Well I must say.  ☭bama has sure fired up the rocket boosters to get us there in a real hurry.

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