Obama’s Black Buses painted with ‘Green Hypocrisy’

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Obama’s Energy TSAR Dr. Stephen Chu

June 2009

“If that building is air-conditioned, it’s going to be a lot cooler, it can use 10 or 15 per cent less electricity,” he said. “You also do something in that you change the albedo of the Earth – you make it more reflective. So the sunlight comes down and it actually goes back up – there is no greenhouse effect,” Dr Chu said.

When sunlight is reflected off a white or light-coloured surface much of that light will pass through the atmosphere and back into space, unlike the infrared radiation emitted from the Earth’s warmed-up surface, which is blocked by greenhouse gases and causes global warming. “What we’re doing is that, as we put in more greenhouse gases, we’re putting in more insulation for infrared light. So if you make white roofs and the sunlight comes in, it goes right through that [insulation],” said Dr Chu.

The principle could also be extended to cars [buses] where white or “cool colours” designed to reflect light and radiation could make vehicles more energy efficient in summer. “If all vehicles were light-coloured, there could be considerable savings because then you can downsize the air conditioning… and downsizing the air conditioner means more efficient air conditioning and a considerable reduction in energy,” he said.

Asked about whether the US administration has any plans to manipulate the climate artificially using large-scale geoengineering programmes, Dr Chu said there were no such plans “at this time”.  But painting surfaces white is one geoengineering proposal that he is taking seriously. source; http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/obamas-climate-guru-paint-your-roof-white-1691209.html

Well that leaves you wondering  just how serious the Obama administration is about Greening the economy  and producing green jobs while failing to represent one of his crown jewel programs. “Wheres our Leader B?”.  So is this Greening America thing just another SCAM, a HOAX designed to loot working America and spread their earned wealth to other nations while destroying Americas economic world ranking?  Or is this administration just that incompetent that they cannot get their collective heads out of there collective asses to see how stupid they truly are?  What is really happening in America is because of their idiotic backwards policies?  Oh sure blame Bush, go right ahead.  He capitulated to this Cap and Trade Green Scam before O was POTUS.  George W Bush signed legislation in 2007  co-authored by Nancy Pelosi and VAN JONES.

But Bush did not order these Canadian built  ‘alleged’ eco-unfriendly BLACK buses.  This is Obama’s overt disregard for his own agenda. The man is lost.  And this is from the same administration that wants to impose the motorized farm equipment regulations from CDL holders on farmers. But that plan also intends to force green regulations from the EPA on them as well.

These buses are another hallmark of  ‘Green Hypocrisy’ from the oh so transparent Obama administration gone wild.

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