BREAKING: Leaked video shows missile hitting Pentagon on 911

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That is not a Jet Liner!

I still think that radical Islamist took out the WTC buildings.  I do however also think that building 7 was “PULLED” as stated by its owner Larry Silverstein.   The whole unfolding event that led to the taking of our freedoms could have been avoided with real honest communications between our LEA.  I do not think Bush had knowledge of a False Flag operation in the works.  BUT… I do think knowledge of the plot existed in our government at some levels and this was allowed to happen to our country as a means to take our civil rights from us and move us closer to a New World Order, ‘Control the Masses’.

Ever since I saw the photos used in “Find the Boeing”  I have thought that the attack on the Pentagon was a fake.  Was a cruise  missile sent by our own government?  No, I am not a 911 truther.  I am a patriot after the truth, As Glenn Beck instructs us, I am ASKING BOLDLY.  Have we have been lied too before America?   Gulf of Tonkin ring any bells?

Lets keep two things in mind about the attack on our Pentagon.  1) The day before Donald Rumsfeild declared the Pentagon lost 2.3 Trillion dollars.  The servers that stored that accounting data were destroyed in the attack on our Pentagon. 2) Building 7 of WTC housed the only other backup copies of this accounting data.

You make your own judgments.  Just remember that the Pentagon was then and is now the most secure building in America.  The section hit by the alleged Boeing was visible to no less than 15 security cameras on the property and at least 1 video camera that belongs to a gas station that had its footage confiscated moments after the attack.   So why are the American people only privy to 5 short frames from only two camera angles?

This new video really has me very upset.  I want evidence that our government did not do this to us.  Not evidence that they did.

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