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Fox 25 in Boston has reported that Congress will hold hearings Thursday regarding the vaccine autism link as a result of a new study published in the Pace Environmental Law Review yesterday. The study looked at actual cases of brain injuries due to vaccines that were compensated in the government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). The study found 83 cases (and still counting) of autism, showing that the government has known about the autism – vaccine link for many years now, due to the millions of dollars awarded to parents for these brain injuries. In the interview below, Dr. Richard Deth, a Ph.D professor of pharmacology at Northeastern University, states that there is clear evidence of a link between vaccines and autism in some children, and that these cases are not being examined. When questioned on the CDC position that there are no links, Dr. Deth replied that the CDC has an agenda that could motivate them to cover up the evidence. Watch the interview below.

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