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Media Matters, Tax Exempt 501(c)(3)

A George Soros Political Smear Machine

I simply do not understand why this communist mouthpiece is allowed to operate still as a 501(c)(3).  I hope they are required to pay back taxes on every dime received. As soon as we have a politician that is honest with America it may happen. But no with the current leaders from either party. MMFA will see to it that the establishment continues to rule and ruin our lives. USEFUL IDIOTS!

Media Matters for America: A Charitable Mess This morning I spent a little quality time over at the Media Matters for America, otherwise known as “All Fox News, All the Time”.  You may also know it as the “Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck” site.  I don’t head over there too often.  If I want to know what Fox News is doing I’ll turn on the TV. myself.  If I want to see a Glenn Beck “evil-face” montage of pictures, I’ll Google it.  But every now and again I like to see what type of hate the … Read More


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