WikiLeaks uploads an encrypted mystery file, the decryption key will come when….

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This file will self destruct in…..

Intriguing ain’t it? Sounds like one of those spy vs spy scenarios where  you have a secret video setup to automatically email itself to the police if your blackmail scheme fails.

But on a serious note users that actually do decide to download this file and ultimately its released key may also find themselves hosting a nasty virus or botnet zombie file that could be part of a ransom scheme to force those who have a computer infected to become a large mass of people that demand the US government do as WikiLeaks instructs them to in order to gain access to their computers again.  Or as a botnet member whose computers could create a massive concentrated DDOS attack on government computers that were preselected by the virus writers.

It could also be an authentic copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and all of his school and health records along with his agreements he made with Tony Rezco in his real estate deal. It might even have copies of the  draft manuscripts titled “Dreams of My Father” penned by Bill Ayers.  We may even get see a copy of Obama’s membership card with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Or much less climactic it could be a map for Geraldo Rivera showing him where Al Copone’s vault is and a list of its contents.

It really could all depend on what the trigger is that will allow the release of the decryption key.

WASHINGTON — WikiLeaks released a mysterious encrypted file on Wednesday after telling its followers on Twitter to stand by for “an important announcement.”

WikiLeaks did not identify the contents of the 571 megabyte file and it could not be opened without a decryption key, which the anti-secrecy website said would be released “at the appropriate moment.”

In July of last year, WikiLeaks posted what it called an “insurance file,” which was also encrypted.

According to press reports, the 1.4-gigabyte file was intended for public release in the event of something untoward happening to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange is currently fighting extradition from Britain to Sweden where he is wanted to face questioning over allegations of rape and sexual assault.

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