Hoffa’s call to arms reaches Seattle Washington’s Longshoremen first

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Violence from a Union?

Really, Who woulda thunk it?

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Perhaps it is not directed at the Tea Party, however it is essentially directed at a wealthy Corporation.  The point is that the left has opted for violence over civility to get what they want. So where is the democracy, well it does not exist when a union is involved.  It is mob rule now, win by any means required, any means.

So one can easily predict that it is just a matter of time before Tea Party members are directly attacked.  Lets not forget how Union thugs have already shot at and hit a business owner that has a right to earn a living unless it infringes on some unconstitutional union by law propped up by crony capitalism and crooked local politicians.

Until recently this type of  incitement of violent behavior has been confined to local politics, generally not even traversing State lines.  However under the dictatorship of the post American President, Barack Obama we have seen the rhetoric for violence from Union Leaders in support of pro-union outcomes promoted by not only low level members of the Obama Administration but by prominent leaders like VP Joe Biden calling the Tea Party Barbarians and Jimmy Hoffa the Teamsters Union leader calling for violence against the Tea Party, “Take those sons of bitches out”.. Then you have the AFL-CIO’s Dick Trumka claiming the Tea Party is a mortal enemy to Americans, he stated “the Tea Party is destroying America“.

UPDATED Sept 9th 2009 6:21 pm EST with NEW VIDEO and editorial

Click here for the in depth details of this whole bit of  Union to Union infighting with PREMEDITATED TERRORISM TACTICS that delibertly put into harms way no less than 6 innocent guards. Just because some ‘Union Thugs’ that do not like it when they don’t get their way had to act like TERRORIST CRYBABIES.  Are you happy General Hoffa?  How about you Trumka, you communist pile of excrement?  What about you Obama?  We all know this pleases you.  It is a means to the ends.  Inside out, bottom up, top down control.  Right?

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