Atlanta Police are conducting illegal roadside strip and cavity searches.

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What 4th amendment?


The Atlanta Police are conducting humiliating and illegal searches, according to the Citizen’s Review Board, who documented cases of officers pulling down people’s pants, touching their genitals and even conducting cavity searches in public. The purpose, the board says, is to intimidate and frighten.

This week the city paid out a $200,000 settlement in one case and another lawsuit is on the brink of being filed after another officer allegedly touched a teenagers genitals in an illegal search.

“There’s a custom and practice among Atlanta police officers to illegally search people, including strip search them. To pull down their pants, to touch their private areas, and in some cases to do rectal cavity searches out in the field,” said Attorney Dan Grossman.

The Citizen’s Review Board met to recommend the termination and suspension of several officers accused of using these disturbing intimidation tactics.

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But these are not the only cases of illegal strip searches taking place in the ‘overly protected’ country, America.