Michelle Obama at 911 Event: “All this just for the Flag” Rolls Eyes.

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Michelle Obama, Shameless!

What did Moochelle say about our flag?  Recall when Obama was running for President, Michelle Obama was an open Pro-Marxist.  She stated that she did not support the American Flag, our Constitution or America.  She had never been proud of her country.  Her past and even current ties into the SEIU, ACORN and the Socialist Party of America are all  documented.

We should ask why the major media have refused to cover such disrespect by the First Lady.  But what I find is even more disturbing is that her partner in crime, Barack ‘Dictator’ Obama would appear to agree with her.

Please report this Blog Post and Video to Obama’s STASI SNITCH WEBSITE  AttackWatch.com.
We could use the extra traffic! They could use the truth.

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