Obama’s Jobs Bill; Labor Made in China

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Obama’s Jobs bill employees Chinese workers

So Barack Obama is touting his yet to see the house floor jobs bill as an infrastructure builder bill. It just looks like more STIMULUS.  “Shovel Ready” jobs putting thousands of construction workers back to work in…… America ….. right.  Well you better think again.  Many Chinese construction companies are now taking federal contracts away from American owned and staffed construction companies and even importing Chinese labor to complete the construction jobs on site.  Jobs that have been paid for by federal stimulus dollars, your taxes.  Shovel Ready redistribution of wealth.

Exporting Chinese workers to construction sites abroad or even building parts of a project in China, as done with segments of the San Francisco bridge, are becoming less feasible business strategies.
Source : http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3529578c-d7f9-11e0-a5d9-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz1XxSZ2s5L

Importing workers may in fact be becoming less feasible but none the less it is happening and you are paying for it.  Your tax dollars used in Obama’s “Shovel Ready” Jobs Bill is being used to employ Chinese workers over American workers. We are paying for infrastructure jobs contracted  by Chinese state run corporations that employe Chinese workers.  And we wonder why unemployement is 9.+%!

China State Construction Engineering Group has taken a vast amount of these infrastructure jobs away form US corporations and folks like Obama a Maoist and even Republican presidential candidate John Huntsman, Obama’s ex-US Ambassador to China, would be openly aware of these facts.  Hell, I am.

San Francisco is getting a new bridge [infrastructure spending] connecting to Oakland. But it’s not being built by American workers. It’s being built in China and shipped back to America for assembly. But that’s not the only infrastructure project being built by the Chinese, and it’s not just being built in China. It turns out, the state owned Chinese contractors are being hired out to build American infrastructure right here in the United States.


The Chinese contractor has already built seven schools in the US, apartment blocks in Washington DC and New York and is in the middle of building a 4,000-room casino in Atlantic City. In New York, it has won contracts to renovate the subway system, build a new metro platform near Yankee stadium, and refurbish the Alexander Hamilton Bridge over the Harlem river.

Source http://www.addictinginfo.org/2011/09/12/american-infrastructure-is-being-built-by-the-chinese-not-americans/

China loves it! Is Obama working with China to destroy Americas Capitalism built economy so he can reboot the USA as a Maoist state like China.  State Capitalism.   It would appear that Obama may even offer the Chinese an open line of credit with his new Infra-Bank.

So what do you think of Obama’s Jobs bill now America?  I wonder what Trumka’s thugs at the AFL-CIO and Jimmy Hoffa’s Army think now?  Do you think they even know?  If nothing else the bill should be amended if it does not already contain such language to forbid foreign corporations from taking infrastructure jobs WHILE employing ANY imported labor.

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