Durbin on Obama jobs bill: The Democrats don’t have the votes

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The Democrats don’t even want this crap!

Remember this come campaigning trail time when Ozero and his deluded minions attempt to claim failure to “Pass My Bill” was NO fault of the Republican party.

Posted 9/29/11 4:48 p.m.

WLS Radio’s Bill Cameron Reports
– On Tuesday, President Barack Obama tried to keep the pressure on Congress to consider his nearly $450 billion jobs bill, saying it had been two weeks since he sent the bill to Capitol Hill “and now I want it back.”

“I want it back, passed, so I can sign this bill and start putting people back to work,” Obama said Tuesday.
So why have Democrats delayed action in the U.S. Senate on President Obama’s stimulus bill?

Find out here : http://www.wlsam.com/Article.asp?id=2298499&spid=

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