Occupy DC Permits Expired: Whats Next? Arrest? Violence? We will see tonight!

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Will they stay or will they go now?

If they stay it will be trouble.

They wont go…. so it will be double!

Sunday night, our permit expired for occupying Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. So, we threw a dance party, and when we could dance no more, we went to sleep in Freedom Plaza.

We have until 2 p.m. today, (Oct 10th) to remove our possessions. We do not intend to do so. We suspect that if the police want to remove us by force they will wait until evening. So we’re throwing a dinner party, and 99% of the country is invited.

Our permit is now the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Source : http://october2011.org/blogs/davidswanson/dancing-our-occupation-permit

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