Does Uganda’s government support the LRA, does Obama still support the LRA using child soldiers?

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Your being played America!

Something here does not make sense.

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Asof the date of this hearing, Jan 18th 2011,  it has still not been confirmed if the Khartoum government assisted the LRA in the abduction and training of all the children that the LRA allegedly kidnapped and trained as Child Soldiers, some 20,000 of them over the last ten years according to this video.

Training children as soldiers is a practice Obama supported as late as October of 2010. Obama allowed the continuation of these kidnappings of children specifically in the Sudan area by actually waiving a prohibition that was already in place to discourage such activities.  And now we are sending combat ready troops to Uganda that may in fact engage these children soldiers in combat.

Weather they, the Khartoum gov, plan to assist the LRA any further it seems is unknown but the ambassador claims he will determine this for the congressman later.

In the June 2010 report on Human Trafficking Sudan is specifically named (pg 11) as an area that is red-flagged for using Child Soldiers and also as an area that will not receive any funding if the practice of recruiting isn’t stopped. It also states that the only exception will be by a Presidential National Interest Waiver. Well, they got it. And Children can be trained to kill for at least another year. Or possibly indefinitely. Source : Ameristroika

Here is Gov Document HR 2478 from May 2009, Obama’s Congress, the 111th. The 111th Congress was the most corrupt congress in America’s sorted history. The document appears to support the responsibility to protect doctrine that Obama seemed to thumb his nose at with the signing of the Presidential determination executive order No. 2011-4.

Let me know as soon as you can make these puzzle pieces fit in a manner that makes sense.