The Worlds most Devastating Economic Bubble is on the horizon and no one is talking about it!

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To big to fail turns into to much to count.

Remember when George Bush dumped the TARP program on us?  We all scoffed at the sound of those ridiculously high numbers, $787 Billion. That is how much  the the Federal Reserve wanted to proceed with in order to prevent, as the Fed Chairman Paulson stated to avoid “Martial Law” in the streets of America, Clearly at this point we can look back and see that this was a well orchestrated LIE on behalf of the ruling class.

Then we had the debt ceiling increases and everyone went batty over the use of the term $ Trillion. Man, that is a lot of money!  The Obama administration has pushed into a new debt ceiling 3 times.   Now keep in mind this is over the stretch of just around two years.  That has increased liabilities for tax payers another $3 Trillion dollars.  That is an accumulated debt of over $47,000.00 per US citizen.  Then we have this little thing just disclosed concerning Bank of America and the US Treasury?

They plan to dump $75 trillion dollars in toxic dirivatives into the FDIC.  This is to cover the losses suffered by Bank of America in the derivatives markets.  Yes you read the right $75 Trillion US dollars, and that is just for Bank of America, alone.  Those losses will be saddled on our children, grand children and possibly even our great great great great grandchildren before it is paid out through the FDIC.  But guess what?  That is not even the economic disaster I am talking about.  No one is really talking about this yet!  Perhaps they don’t like ‘True Horror’ stories, so this one has purposly been avoided in the mainstream media.  But if you look, all the stories are here.  You just have to be willing to look and connect the dots.

Now just to give you an idea about how soon we may see this happen to us check out this 2008 article.  Yes, way way way back in 2008 the amount was a mere $516 trillion dollars.  But like inflation, that too has gone up in three years exponentially.  You will need a new calculator for this number.  More decimal places will be required.  How does $1.5 QUADRILLION dollars sound to you?  Thats $1500 trillion dollars.  Is that amount of money even possible you may ask? No actually it is not.  So in just three short years that $516 trillion has tripled to $1.5 quadrillion dollars.  That is pretty extreme acceleration.  At that rate we could see this grow exponentially over another 3 years to reach $4.5 QUADRILLION dollars.  If that happens the assumed debt will be close to $600,000.00 per man woman and child on earth!
So according to the next couple of articles seen below, as of September of 2011 you and I are on the hook for these derivatives to the tune of $190,000.00 each, and thats not per US citizen either.  Again that amount of debt is for every man woman and child on earth not just the US.

So why is no one talking about this?  I think everyone that knows about it is still changing their underwear and has not yet gotten up off the floor and been able to articulate anything intelligible out of this mess!  This is World Wide Economic Extinction, or “WWEE” for short.  This is what we are facing and no one has a clue or even a plan to deal with it!  No one is even crying about the facts, yes this time the sky actually is falling!  We are all going to be bashed in the head with these dirivatives.

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