Update Oakland & Burlington: 1 Suicide 1 Murdered; Police Respond OWS Shootings

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Occupying Destruction of everything...Including life itself

Since the Occupy Wall Street protests gained momentum members of the media and those involved in the protest were looking for a “Kent State” moment. Well, they may have finally got their wishes. Police are responding to a reported shooting in City Hall Park in Burlington where  a “motionless man was removed from a green tent where blood was evident.”

Police were responding to a report of a discharged firearm around 2 p.m. The 35 year-old bloody man is apparently in “grave” condition and has been taken to the nearest hospital. The weapon involved in the incident was recovered which lead Burlington Deputy Chief Andi Higbee to declare that there is now no further risk to the public.

In a strange twist the police are also trying to obtain a warrant to “to go into the tent where the shooting apparently happened”. How the police jurisdiction has been reduced to needing a warrant for a tent in a public place is anyones guess.

Since the protests gained momentum, and larger audiences in different locales accumulated across the country, the media and the participants have been looking for their Kent State moment. Politico was the first outlet to throw together the sentiment from MSNBC and the Occupy movement’s general attitude regarding this issue. And the incident with Scott Olsen seemed to help the movement and the media; who was all too eager to see someone injured or killed. But now their wishes have been answered. A happy tent-pitcher standing up for all sorts of new-age justice did shoot someone. And here is their Kent State moment. Lets just hope the poor guy who got shot survives. Because I am willing to bet he really did not want to lose his life just because he is the “99 percent”.

PS: Firearms are not allowed inside City Park. Add that to the list of laws and rules (and cop cars) that OWS defecate upon.

UPDATE: Shooting at Occupy Oakland with Video HERE. Hat tip @moja_laska

UPDATE: Shooting at Occupy Burlington ruled suicide-Man pronounced dead

UPDATE: Shooting victim at Occupy Oakland Pronounced Dead Occupy attendee says only involvement with group was help from “medics” from within Occupy Camp. Protesters surround media to avoid scene from being filmed.