Congressional Insider Trading. Why Occupy Wall Street is miss-focused

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Occutards…. re-focus!

New Target!

So you gotta ask your self this.  If the Occutards are really so smart, how come they are not occupying congress and the front yards of congress-persons that took advantage of these “Congressionally Obfuscated” laws that would be for civilians, a criminal activity?  This is why the Tea Party calls the Occupy Wall Street protesters Occutards.  They have no freaking clue who the REAL CRIMINALS are.  They want these people stealing from everyone to have MORE power.  Yep.  That is an Occutard.

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Should government officials be exempt from the same laws that you and I are subject to?
Many politicians in high places are lining their pockets by doing things that the rest of us could go to prison for.