Spanish Austerity: School Children limited to 8 squares of toilet paper per day

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Spain limits school children use of toilet paper

The northeastern region has been ordered to rein in its deficit and has embarked on a series of stringent austerity cuts.

The latest edict issued by the region’s ministry of education instructs state schools to cut “excessive consumption” of toilet roll among pupils and limit the quota to a maximum of 25 metres per child per month.

This most recent penny saving measure comes amid widespread cuts to education budgets across Spain that has led to regular protests in the streets by teachers.

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25 meters is 984 inches. Divide that by 30 days and you get an average daily ration of 32.8 inches. If the average square is 4 inches then you would have 8 squares of Toilet Paper to clean up with after a grade school child goes to the bathroom.  Wow! I guess Sheryl Crow is advising them now.