Nuclear war on the horizon

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When you see that big bright Flash!

Duck and cover!

The article below in block-quotes taken in part directly from a article.  It will disclose to you what dangers we face as Americans from abroad and what the rest of the world actually thinks of the United States international policy right now.  We have elected ourselves  into a very dangerous place in the eyes of the world right now.  And we have a president that seems to be pokeing everyone in the international and national eye right now, as the Pravda article seems to elude, our leaders are liars.

Much of the authors sentiments I agree with.  I do not however think we are targeting civilians with snipers, I do think Assad is waging civil war on his people but I think the US State department knowingly aggravated that situation predictably as they did in all the other countries in the region. A region now on fire now with and under control of radical Islamist looking to form a caliphate.   I also believe in contradiction to the author that Iran is a grave threat to the security of the entire world including Russia and China.  I think they intend to bring great harm if not total extermination to the State of Israel as they prepare to HASTEN the return of  the great Madi.  This is a religious war that will be waged on their behalf and goes far beyond predicting behaivour based on prudence, diplomacy and politics.  IRAN WILL USE THE NUCLEAR BOMB!

The author was right pretty much about the rest.  Obama stoked these uprisings in all these middle east countries.  Hillary Clinton of  The US State Department even held a conference where they trained youth to use social media to overthrow governments and bring about social change.  Everything Obama has done since he has been in office has been deceptive to both America and the rest of the world.  Obama is a mere puppet on the stage set by the elite and the global bankers.

By Lisa Karpova


Iran’s military said on Sunday it had shot down a U.S. reconnaissance drone aircraft in eastern Iran, a military source told state television. What was this drone doing over Iranian territory?

A potential conflagration between the two superpowers is reaching frightening levels in the Mediterranean with vessels of both the US and Russia maneuvering into confrontational positions.

The United States and its European allies have run roughshod over international law, rendering it null and void. The bloody aggression and genocidal campaign against Libya were just a beginning of the end.

The Yugoslavia campaign of lies and false accusations was repeated once again, while rubber stamp robots incorporated, known as the UN, gave the coalition of barbaric savages their cover of legitimacy with UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973, which were also repeatedly run over, violated and trashed as they crept toward total war and invasion rather than the established no-fly zone and no boots on the ground.

Infamous were the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no less ridiculous were the claims that the Gaddafi government was “killing its own people.” Now they say the same about Syria and accuse Iran of trying to use nuclear energy to make nuclear weapons.

In a court of law, if the judge catches you lying even once, he will totally disregard your case because you were caught in a lie. All it takes is just one lie. You have destroyed your credibility totally and forever in his eyes.

If I find out you’ve lied to me once, from that time forward you will have to prove you’re not lying again when you make claims, otherwise I have no reason to not think you are not just lying again.

So, too, any thinking person cannot take what the U.S. and Europeans say or claim as remotely even credible, along with their Israeli friends. In all cases, they have to prove they are not lying because all they ever do is lie.

It’s more a case of these entities projecting their own evil intentions onto their marked, targeted victims.

So people out there, don’t accept what they say at face value, not from PROVEN LIARS.

Iran, one of their next targets of choice, does not constitute a threat to global security, or a threat to the security of Israel. Iran hasn’t done anything aggressive in over 250 years…and they have repeatedly allowed inspections beyond the call of reason and assured others that they have no intention of making nuclear weapons.

In Syria, so many lies already coming fast and furiously…inventing incidents that never happened. The people at the locations where several incidents were alleged to occur say no such thing ever happened.

Why is the west, as in the case of Libya, sending terrorists and weapons into Syria? Why are snipers shooting at unarmed civilians and at police/military?

They have declared they want Assad gone, just as they declared they wanted Gaddafi gone.

Who gives them the right? Let the people decide, and not a gang of terrorists and garbage faced airplanes dropping bombs on innocent civilians. Leave people alone.

The world community is getting fed up with this. China and Russia cannot be hoodwinked now into approving sanctions or approving military action.

The forces of demonic evil now have come nose to nose with the forces of reason. Ships from the U.S. and ships from Russia are now on the coast of Syria. Anything could happen.

Something will happen.

These two countries, China and Russia, also know they are on the list of targets.

You cannot on one hand have a fully armed, nuclear weapons possessing Israel and then tell Iran they cannot even use nuclear energy for peace…their right as signatories of the NPT, a treaty that Israel refuses to sign while also refusing any inspections.

Any one of a number of confrontations is going to start the next world war. These powerbroker elitists think they can escape the effects of a nuclear exchange…just shows how insane they are. They must be stopped and this warning must be taken seriously.

Either the citizens of the world demand these war pigs stand down, or face total global nuclear war. Demand that they stop the lies. Demand that they stop sending terrorists to disrupt the peaceful lives of your brothers and sisters.


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