Are You Ready for $400 a gallon gasoline?

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We are now paying up to $400 per gallon of gasoline

to continue the war in Afghanistan

By Madison Ruppert Editor of End the Lie After the recent skirmish with Pakistani troops on the Afghan-Pakistani border which left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead, the most critical supply routes for NATO troops in Afghanistan were blocked off.

This attack brought with it some significant problems, not the least of which is additional strain on the already weak Pakistani-American relations.

Aside from the significant diplomatic stresses, which has materialized in the form of Pakistan giving their troops permission to return fire without first acquiring authorization, the impact on the cost of the unnecessary war in Afghanistan has been considerable.

Thanks to the supply routes being closed off, the military now has to fly in every single barrel of fuel to troops in Afghanistan.

Not only does this take a considerably skilled pilot and perfect timing, it also costs up to $400 for every single gallon of fuel, according to estimates provided by the military, which would mean each 55 gallon barrel would cost up to $22,000.

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