Union Leader Leo Gerard, pulling the strings that forced the ‘Payroll Tax Cut Showdown’

Posted on December 23, 2011 by


Puppet Master

Guess who openly signalled his control of the Democratic Party’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans on the payroll tax cut extension? None other than the man who seemingly controls the entire Obama agenda – socialist union leader Leo Gerard.

During an MSNBC interview last week, global union leader Leo Gerard, one of the primary architects of Barack Obama’s rise to national prominence in 2004, lays out exactly what he demands the Democratic Party do regarding the payroll tax cut negotiations that ultimately led to a ridiculous 2-month extension of the tax cut – a purely political gesture by the Democrats and Barack Obama that will ultimately cost Americans far MORE over the course of ten years due to an increased fee being placed on nearly all government-backed mortgages. (A fee that interestingly enough, will NOT impact wealthy Americans, but primarily the middle and lower class.)  [Yes he means You! You lower Class morons that voted for this terrorist Obama]

Prior to Gerard’s remarks, there was rampant speculation Democrats were seeking compromise with Republicans on the payroll tax cut issue. Even the Obama White House was hinting at much the same. The very next day after this interview was given, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, indicated he was not willing to vote on the bi-partisan House bill that would have extended the payroll cut for another year. Instead, Reid made a two-month extension proposal, with the costly mortgage fee applied, to which President Obama almost immediately sided with. Thus, the “line in the sand” that Leo Gerard calls for in this interview was effectively put in place.
Leo Gerard once again signals his near-complete control of the Obama White House.  For those attempting to forecast what direction President Obama intends to move next need look no further than the commands of this self-confesssed socialist global union leader.

Source : theulstermanreport.com