We Must Elect Constitutional Candidates

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What oath?

This year, citizens across America are making a resolution to exercise and lose weight of a different kind. They resolve to exercise their voting rights to elect Constitutional candidates and lose the weight of bad politicians. In increasing numbers, they are turning to the Abigail Adams Project for help.

The Abigail Adams Project originated in 2005. The Project educates citizens through its Voter Guides that focus on the Constitution.

“We ask questions on the Constitution for two reasons,” said Deborah Ringhaver Lane, President of The Abigail Adams Project. “First, the candidates’ understanding of the role and responsibilities of their offices, as they relate to the Constitution, can predict how they will vote on legislative issues. Second, elected representatives vow to protect the Constitution. Voters need to know if they understand it well enough to uphold their oath.”

Ringhaver Lane explained that The Voter Guides are non-partisan and non-controversial. “They can be distributed everywhere – family, church,
work, and community gatherings. She continued, “They have value for all voters.”

Volunteers comprise the Abigail Adams Project. They strive to provide guides in all 3,143 counties/county equivalents across the country. Seven
levels of Candidate Surveys are available to cover every Constitutional office from the President to school board.

Citizens see the importance of the Constitution in today’s political climate and the necessity of those candidates who support it.

“I felt the need to make a difference,” said Marsha Frost, The Project Ohio State Coordinator. “I went to all the Tea Parties but got tired of just holding a sign. When I was introduced to the Abigail Adams Project, it instantly met all my needs.”

Jill Burns from Missouri joined The Project because, “I want to be a part of an effort that teaches about and upholds our Constitution. It helps voters make informed choices in all elections.”

Can Constitutional candidates make a difference?


Sheriff Richard Mack sued to protect the rights of the citizens in his county, after learning of the gun control measures AFT demanded of all county sheriffs, as a result of the Brady Bill. The Supreme Court victory is heralded as a major ruling for the 10th Amendment; the federal government cannot force the states to impose federal regulations on citizens.

Imagine if the public and its servants understood the role and responsibility of government, as defined by the original intent of the Constitution and adhered to it.

Voters looking to bring the Abigail Adams Project to their local and statewide races can contact the team at VolunteerSupport@AbigailAdamsProject.com. Those who want to support the project financially and organizations and businesses that want to advertise on the backsides of the Voter Guides should e- mail Marketing@AbigailAdamsProject.com. The Abigail Adams Project can also be contacted by calling 855-VOTER ED or through the website, www.AbigailAdamsProject.com.

Abigail Adams Project helps America keep its resolution to drop the political dead weight and trim government fat by exercising their voting