Facebook gets apparent DDoS attack with their IPO

Posted on February 2, 2012 by


Look Ma! No FaceBook!

Is it possible that Facebook is getting DDoS attacked today the day they go public?  The first day of the Facebook IPO the companies $100 billion vulnerability is shown to current and would be investors of this capitalist birthright as an American concept.

Think about it.  They have announced The creation of 100s of new millionaires overnight that are Facebook employees.  Even Morgan Stanley was named as the lead underwriter for the Facebook IPO, followed by JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital and the surprise boutique firm Allen & Company, in that order.  These are the 1percenters right?

The 1%ers the Occupy Wall Street crowd is out to get.  Perhaps someone should tell them about George  Soros!  Perhaps someone should tell Anonymous and Lulz about Soros!

Well downrightnow.com is reporting wide spreed outages of the popular social networking site that started around 1:07 pm EST today.

So it would make sense that one of the hacker outfits like Anonymous or Lulz would take this opportunity to hand them a bag full of DDoS downtime and user frustration with a new security exploit divuldgeing 100s of thousands of user names and password and other alleged pseudo-secure data.  At this point in writing this at 1:55 PM EST FaceBook was still being attacked and the watcher service downrightnow.com shows them as still suffering a wide spread outage.